Why Am I Bruising Easily? The Causes Explained

Typically, people with bleeding disorders will experience other symptoms in addition to bruising, such as nosebleeds and bleeding from the gums. Lee says one of the most common reasons people bruise easily is the food they eat. “Healthy food such as garlic, ginger, ginkgo, green tea, salmon, and turmeric all can thin the blood and make you more prone to bruising,” Lee says. “This is the reason why I ask all of my patients to stop eating these foods two to three weeks before surgery to decrease the risk of bruising.” The early stages of alcohol-related liver disease typically have no symptoms. When they’re present, the early symptoms can include pain in the area of your liver, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss. If someone with this condition has alcohol use disorder, a healthcare provider will need to set up a treatment plan. This plan will help manage the condition as well as the withdrawal symptoms that may occur with abstinence.

Alcohol-induced hepatitis begins quietly, often without symptoms. Many people fail to recognize the damage that chronic heavy drinking may be doing to their livers. But early recognition is Sober Home your best hope of catching and reversing the effects of alcohol-induced hepatitis. If you have a history of heavy alcohol use and/or symptoms of liver disease, call your healthcare provider.

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Both caffeine and alcohol could set back your recovery, but there isn’t enough research for us to say that definitively. If you haven’t had treatment for post-concussion syndrome, be prepared to discuss alcohol and caffeine consumption with your treatment provider. At Cognitive FX, we need to know about consumption history as part of the diagnosis process. For example, caffeine can interfere with diagnostic imaging. We might request that you limit or avoid certain beverages until diagnosis and treatment are complete. The amount of time caffeine takes to move out of your system is longer than most people realize. The cup you drank in the morning is not almost gone when the effects wear off at 2 pm; it’s actually still in your brain at dinnertime! And if you drink coffee regularly, it produces changes in your brain that take more than just a day or two to revert.

The most common bleeding disorder, called von Willebrand disease, is a genetic condition caused by a missing or defective clotting protein, according to the National Hemophilia Foundation. But what about significant bruising due to, say, a fall, jam, or blow? To speed healing, do you bruise easier when drunk MedlinePlus suggests to apply ice for up to 15 minutes every hour, keep the bruised area raised and rested, and take acetaminophen to reduce the pain. “As collagen and fat decrease, the blood vessels lose the cushioning that once protected them from injuries,” Klein said.

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Blood disorders usually cause symptoms other than bruising. If you’re having nosebleeds for no reason, if your gums bleed a lot after you brush or floss, or if small cuts or scrapes seem to bleed do you bruise easier when drunk heavily, call your doctor. You bang your toe on the closet door, and before too long, it turns a garish black and blue. But sometimes you spot a bruise and you can’t figure out how you got it.

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